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Sri Siddhartha Center for Media Studies Since 2004

Situated in the 65 acre clean, idyllic campus of SSIT, SSCMS has carved a niche for itself in the area of media studies and research. SSCMS is housed in a spacious building, amid lawns, ornamental plants, and paved pathways. The building contains all the facilities that a top-notch media training institution needs. The proximity of Tumkur to Bangalore, the IT hotspot of India is an added advantage for students when it comes to internships, field visits, and placements.

SSCMS is the right academic space to become a seasoned media professional. Within a few years of its establishment SSCMS has evolved into a top-notch media school by applying technology in an innovative and creative way on human minds having a flair for the media. At SSCMS learning is participative and interactive activities which include group discussions, seminars, producing lab journals and workshops. Academic life in SSCMS is a convergence of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. SSCMS is a Wi-Fi enabled campus with an uninterrupted Internet connectivity which will make your learning a borderless experience.

Sri Siddhartha Center for Media Studies


Modern communication has largely shaped the global village, awareness and understanding has gone global. Media communication is an effective method to generate peace on earth through awareness, understanding and thereby establishing harmony. It is the endeavour of SSCMS to take the first step towards this ultimate ideal.


Advances in media, technology and society has posed several challenges in our contemporary times in terms of social inequality, freedom of expression, democratization of information and invasion into the privacy of individuals. SSCMS aims at establishing a meaningful role in seeking solution to these issues through participative teaching, specialized training and exhaustive research in the field of media.

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