Dr. B T Muddesha


Dr. B T Muddesha
Dr. B T Muddesha(Director)

Dr. B.T. Muddesha is an Director in SSCMS. His experiences in the media industry have empowered him to be an eminent teacher. He has worked as a senior reporter cum sub editor in news production in Udaya T V for 9 years (1998 to 2007).

He is awarded with Ph. D from the University of Mysore. His study discusses the quality of language used in the news in electronic media. He did the research under the guidance of Prof. Usharani. As an academician he actively participates in seminars and conferences and workshops.

  • Chairmen:
    • Board of Studies, M S.Communication & M.Sc Electronic Media. Tumkur University.
    • As a chairmen, prepare and Finalise the CBCS syllabus for M S.Communication & M.Sc Electronic Media, PG Course, Tumkur University, Tumkur. Which is implemented academic year of 2015-16
  • Chairmen:
    • Board of Examination, M S.Communication & M.Sc Electronic Media,Tumkur University.
  • Member:
    • Board of Studies, in Master Course in Area Studies (PG) of Mysore University.
    • Board of Studies & Examiner in Mass Communication and Journalism (PG) of Gulburga University.
    • Board of Studies & Examiner in Department of Journalism (UG) Krishanadevaraya University, bellary.
  • As a resource Person for Radio lesion Recording (Mysore university degree syllabus )
  • UGC UPE Focus Area-II
  • University of Mysore,Mysore-06
Published Books
Sl No. Title of the Book (s) Whether Sole Author or Co-author Name of Publisher (with city/ country) Month& year of publication Refereed or Non-refereed ISBN/ISSN No.
1 T.V.suddi loka Author Srusti Prakashana, Tumkur. KArnatak Madhyama Academy, Bangaluru 2014(76 pages) Refereed ISBN 978-81-926942-0-7
2 24X7 horalu Loka Author 2014(256 pages) -----------
3 SHODHA SANCHAYA Author Srusti Prakashana, Tumkur. 2015(92 pages) Refereed ISBN 978-81-926942-2-1
4 Journal of Media and social Development Publisher 2015 ISBN 978-81-926942-4-5
5 Ramadharsana Co-Author Ramanagra kasapa 2015(92 pages) Refereed ----------
6 Ramadharsana Co-Author 2015(120 pages) -----------